Planning a Baby Shower for a mum-to-be can be a lot of fun but also overwhelming. Here are my tips for a stress free baby shower. 

1. Create a checklist – download my free checklist here so you won't forget any details when planning the shower. This will help you stay organised.

2. Write a guest list and set a budget. The guest list will be up to the mum-to-be. 

3. Pick a theme – it is great to look at Pinterest for ideas. Most baby showers will have a theme. Some popular themes are pink or blue, boho, woodland, nursery rhyme, floral, tropical.  

4. Send out invites early. Make sure to give the guests plenty of time to RSVP. The most elegant and classic idea is to mail out paper invitations which match the theme. The invites will set the scene and get the guests excited. Remember to include the basic who, what, where, when and RSVP instructions. If the mum-to-be has registered with a baby shop put this on the invites as well.

5. Keep the menu simple - Plan the menu well ahead of time. If the shower is in the morning or late afternoon have a selection of finger foods and sweet treats. Some dips and offerings such as chicken sandwiches, mini quiches, a cheese platter with crackers, cupcakes and an assortment of biscuits and slices.  

If you are planning a Baby Shower I would love to hear from you.