8 Tips for planning your Wedding Invitations

Hello lovely, 

Congratulations on your Wedding!

Your wedding invitations will set the scene for your special day. 

Wedding invitations should reflect the personalities of the bride and groom and also the style of event you are planning. 

The invitation will share with your guests not only important information about your big day, but also show off your wedding theme.  

 Here are some tips when you are planning:  

  • Pick a theme. It might be classic and elegant, casual and relaxed, or glam and modern.
  • Start Early. If you choose custom-designed invitations they could take several weeks to be printed and then you need enough time to send them out to your guests.
  • Include the names of the hosts, which may be your parents, yourselves or both, your own names, and the date, time and location, and reception. In addition your invitations should let your guest know the formality of the wedding.
  • Take the time to consider the wording. Decide whether you want traditional wording or more casual wording. Make sure not to crowd the card by only listing top priority points.
  • RSVPs. Include a self-addressed envelope with a stamp to make it easy for guests to send back their RSVPs.
  • Consider creating a unified look. If you are wanting custom-designed invitations you can also have menus, place cards, favour tags and table number cards to match.
  • One of the most important aspects about your invitations should be legibility. You want to make sure your guests can read the writing.
  • Don’t forget the "Thank You" cards. If you don’t order them when you order your invitations, you may be less likely to do so after the wedding.

Love Melissa x

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